What we like


Surely you happened to buy a food, without special reasons, but only because you liked it.

But we try to understand what it means ..

The taste is difficult to describe in words and it is more tied to the images, smells, and the organoleptic characteristics of what we eat, that is, to those food properties that meet our senses.

If you liked that food you will certainly come back to buy it back.

Obviously buying what we eat is however dependent on many reasons and not just from the taste.

A special pack may prompt us to choose one brand than another.

Also the price could have some relevance. Often, in fact, the choice is oriented to the convenience, or you think that the product that costs more is better. Instead remember that paying less does not mean necessarily eat a poorer product!

Another aspect to consider is the brand. If a friend told us about,  or an advertising has hit us, we prefer it to other that we have never heard of.

Someone, before buying a product, check the information on the label to evaluate the fat content as is following a diet or if you just pay attention to what you eat and the quality of food.

We mustn’t always trust it because light products not always are so light as they seem!

In fact, it is true, for example, on breakfast cereals we can find written in large letters that it contain whole wheat flour, vitamins and so on. But if we turn the box and look at the ingredients we realize that they contain a very low percentage of these ingredients and a large amount of sugar and fat.


WHO-World Health Organization- Department of Nutrition for Health and Development (NHD)  (http://www.who.int/foodsafety/areas_work/food-standard/en/)