Which foods should you eat before and after sport?


First of all you have to eat two or three hours before the performance, not to compromise digestion and performance itself! Primarily should be eaten complex carbohydrates (pasta, bread, rice, potatoes) as they are easily digested and provide a ready source of energy, and therefore avoid excessive intake of lipids and proteins, to avoid a long and “heavy” digestion. More generally  you have to eat in moderation!

Contrary to what you think, also the meal next  to a sport performance should be moderate.

The body is in fact already fatigued and needs to recharge and to reform the glycogen reserves used; for this reason what you need most is a meal rich in complex carbohydrates, accompanied by a just and moderate amounts of protein and lipids.

Remember that to improve sports performance there are no special foods but just distribute nutrients and take them in a balanced and harmonious way!