When does symptoms of syphilis appear?


The onset of symptoms occurs three or four weeks after the contagion. We are talking about ulcers or wounds in the body. In women, these lesions appear most frequently on the labia minora, vaginal entry or the perineum. In man, the symptoms of syphilis are instead generally occur on the penis, the foreskin or anus. However, some symptoms can also appear on the mouth, on the lips, the gum margin, on the tongue and oral cavity. Ulcers or sores appear rounded in areas that have come in contact with the infected areas of the other person. If symptoms of syphilis go untreated, tend to disappear spontaneously within a month of onset, while cracks may appear on the palms of the hands and feet, pink spots spread all over the trunk and extremities, indicating a later stage of disease. Remember that some people may not show no symptoms.