In which way can I contract hepatitis?


Hepatitis (B, C) is transmitted through blood and its derivatives (infected needles, tattoos, the dentist where there is little control and hygiene), unprotected sex or during birth by infected mothers to their children (in the absence of prevention).

Multiple partners or anal sex are more at risk because of possible blood’s exchange. Moreover, the presence of lesions in the mucosa or in the skin, enables the virus to penetrate, for example, in the saliva and thus makes other infected biological fluids. Razors, toothbrushes and scissors for nails can be vehicles of infection.

Transmission of Hepatitis A is the case for faecal-oral route because the virus is present in blood only for a few days while in the stool much longer. Transmission occurs by direct contact from person to person, even during sexual intercourse, or through raw food or drinking contaminated water.