You’ve certainly seen a person having a Herpes in the lips but do you know that herpes can also manifest in the genitals?

Genital Herpes, unlike herpes labialis, is an infection that is transmitted during unprotected sex by direct contact with infected mucous membranes. It affects about 8% of the general adult population and more frequently men. Its high transmission depends on the fact that the virus is transmitted easily during the asymptomatic period, when aren’t visible lesions in the genitals.

Typically, most people with genital herpes don’t have symptoms, nor particularly obvious injuries. In other cases, on the contrary, it may happen to experience itching, pain or tension on the genital level. When the lesions appear, are as small painful vesicles, which contain a liquid in which the virus is present. These small vesicles tend to disappear in a few days and to form small scabs that can disappear and reappear with cyclical.

Genital Herpes diagnosis is made by doctor when he detects lesions. No special tests, except to distinguish the specific type of virus. Genital herpes can be easily cured with the use of drugs that are used to counter the proliferation of the virus within the body.

The only effective way to prevent genital herpes is by using a condom during every sexual activity, oral, vaginal or anal.

WHO – Department of Reproductive Health and Research (RHR)