Have you ever met a skinny, muscular and athletic guy, totally dissatisfied with his body? Who spends his days in the gym because he doesn’t see  him “big” enough?

Bigorexia is the concern, in muscular people, of being too weak and skinny.

It’s also called “reverse anorexia.”

In fact, as the anorexic person sees himself fat, despite being thin, the bigorexic sees always skinny and no muscled even when he has reached a very muscular physique and athletic.

It doesn’t mean that this is a problem, although, in some cases, it can be a symptom of an eating disorder typically male which gives the name of Bigorexia (or “muscle dysmorphic disorder”). This problem exists when the desire becomes obsession with pushing the subject to more and more hours training a day, sacrificing all other social activities.

He follows diets, takes anabolic androgenic hormones and drugs, he does everything he can even think of becoming more “muscular” and abolish the fat mass.

Life seems to have a single purpose!

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