Which are the specialized centers for orthorexia care?


If you suspect you suffer from an eating disorder, and in particular from orthorexia, you can turn to specialized structures, which make personnel prepared in a position to make a proper diagnosis and effective therapy.

The first contact is with a psychologist, a dietician, a nutritionist. Following the diagnosis of orthorexia it is established the treatment, to which the sufferer is subjected according to the seriousness and the special nature of the disorder that he/she presents.

There are four levels of treatment:


  1. outpatient: is the excellent therapeutic in 60% of patients. It makes use of a multidisciplinary approach in the treatment phase and provides for an active involvement of the family;
  2. day hospital: you will be going on a designated day at the structure to carry out checks, psychological activities, nutritional rehabilitation, work with family;
  3. hospitalization (lifesaver): is necessary when the patient needs continuous monitoring. It provides both a nutritional intervention, through artificial feeding, and a psychological one, motivating the patient to a subsequent treatment. Restored the clinical condition, hospitalization ends and starts the rehabilitation treatment in a center outside the hospital;
  4. residential and semi-residential treatment: they are outside hospital structures where there is the rehabilitation. The duration of treatment varies from 3 to 5 months and allows an improvement in body weight and behavior.

You must always remember that if you decide to treat yourself you can still lead a normal life: the various activities will vary a little depending on the level of care that you choose to pursue, but it will not be denied.